3 Exciting Games to Consider If You Are New to Online Casinos

The world of online casinos is now a multi-billion-dollar industry and regularly attracts millions of thrill-seeking customers from around the world. Many players find that after a hard week of work, sitting down in the comfort of their own home and enjoying an evening of online excitement can be the ideal way to release stress.

Some people prefer to use skills and strategy in card games such as poker, where an in-depth knowledge of card probabilities can help to improve your chances of recognizing what is likely to be a winning hand. However, such games take weeks or even months of practice to become truly proficient. If you are new to the world of online casinos, you may not know some of the key strategies to use when playing more complex card or die-based games. Thankfully, modern establishments also offer a range of games that do not require in-depth knowledge or strategizing. These games often rely on pure luck and can provide a thrilling experience for gamers who are new to this form of entertainment. In this article, three exciting online casino games will be explored that are suitable for players who do not have advanced knowledge in this field.

1. Slot machines

One of the best starting points for inexperienced gamers is to test your luck playing slots online. Such machines (also known as “pokies”) rely purely on luck and do not need a range of strategies to play them. In online casinos, the design and functionality of slot machines are closely based on their physical counterparts. Most online slot machines will have three or more reels and the aim is to line up similar symbols on the win lines of the machine to gain a cash prize. Each spin of the reels is governed purely by chance, and a random number generator (RNG) piece of software is used to ensure that over time, the likelihood of winning follows set win percentages. In short, for inexperienced players, slot machines can be the ideal choice for thrills and excitement without needing in-depth knowledge of the game.

2. Roulette

Another popular casino game that relies on pure chance is roulette. In this game, a roulette wheel containing a ball is spun at the start of each round. There are 37 numbers on most roulette tables (ranging from 0 to 36), and the ball will eventually rest on one of them. Gamblers have a variety of betting options open to them when playing roulette. They can choose less risky bets (such as gambling on an even number being chosen or a specific range of numbers) or make high-risk but high-reward bets by choosing one particular number that has vastly improved payout rewards if successful.

3. Bingo

Briefly, many adults will have had experience playing bingo in earlier life. Bingo halls remain popular in many countries, and online casinos have also sought to replicate these games online. As with roulette and slot machines, no strategic knowledge is required to play the game. Players receive a card containing a range of numbers and mark them off the card when they are read out by the dealer. Prizes can be won for gaining a “full house” (marking off all the numbers on your card) or when lines of numbers are completed. Some online casinos may even link their live bingo games to other sites, and the larger number of competitors can allow big cash prizes to be paid out to lucky winners.

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