How to Make Your First Trip to Hawaii Absolutely Magical

Hawaii is the king of all holiday destinations. It has stunning, out-of-this-world vistas and views, award-winning beaches, unbelievable facilities, and much to do for everyone. If it’s your first time, however, you may start to realize fast just how much there is to do – and if you’re one of those people that get paralyzed when there’s too much choice, then this ultimate guide is for you:

Choosing Your Island

Unless you have weeks or even a month to explore all of Hawaii’s islands, you’ll likely be better off choosing just one or maybe two islands for your vacation. When it comes to your options, the top picks include: 

  • Maui – Incredible landscapes and so much to do! 
  • Oahu – Luxury experiences and the iconic Waikiki Beach. 
  • Kauai – Luscious green landscapes and amazing hiking experiences
  • Big Island – The home of volcanoes and unbelievable ecosystems 

For first time visitors, you’ll want to pick one of these four, but if you only have time for one, then Maui is at the top of the list as the best all-rounder.

Picking Your Accommodation

Where you stay will make a huge difference to the experience of your stay. Don’t immediately think that your best bet is to go with the cheapest option if you are on a budget, however, as there are so many great options that can help you save in other ways. Similarly, you will need to find a luxury resort that offers the amenities and proximity to the activities you want to do if you’re splashing out for this holiday. 

A great way to find the happy middle ground is to try to find a spot where everyone on your trip can stay in the same place. A small group of six can save per person by staying in a luxury condo rather than booking individual budget hotel rooms, for example. Similarly, you can save money (and keep your energy up) by making your own breakfast and snacks in the condo kitchen. Condos and villas are the class acts of Maui vacation rentals, and offer a little something for everyone. 

Of course, location will always be important. For those who want to spend all their time at the beach, a beachside property is essential. If you want to hike during your trip exclusively, then you can choose something further inland.

Top Activities You Cannot Miss

There are so many specific things to do on each island that you’ll be spoiled for choice, guaranteed. So long as you find a tour, self-guided option, or event that takes you through each of these key activities, however, you’ll be guaranteed to make your trip to Hawaii magical: 

  1. Go on a hike, bike ride, horseback ride, or even paddleboat tour to see the pristine nature of Hawaii 
  2. Go under the water with a snorkeling or diving experience
  3. Go on a road trip to explore the small towns and hidden secrets of Hawaii 
  4. Learn a new skill (try surfing, take a cooking class, go for a dance workshop) 
  5. Attend a luau 
  6. Immerse yourself in the real culture of Hawaii 
  7. Learn at a museum (museums, farms, historic houses – Hawaii has them all!) 
  8. Treat yourself to a luxury spa experience 
  9. Eat amazing food (sit down, street, or even head to the farmer’s markets to make something for yourself. 
  10. Relax! Don’t forget to sit and soak in the atmosphere to unwind and rejuvenate. 

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