What Sets Apart the Custom Santa Maria Grill by JD Fabrication From Others?

Anyone familiar with Santa Maria grills knows their significance in history for being created in the tradition of early ranchers of the area. However, until now, if you wanted to enjoy this 1800s-style BBQ, you had to visit one of the local landmarks in Santa Maria, California, where they still cook using the trademark grill.

But since then, companies like JD Fabrication have made it possible to own an authentic Santa Maria grill, so you can partake in this native technique of feeding your family and friends wherever you are.

They also offer custom Santa Maria grills, which have many advantages that set them apart from other manufacturers of this type of grill.

One-of-a-kind designs Just For You

When you visit the website, if you do not find a style of grill that meets your needs, you can work with the design team to sketch and build you a custom one. This way, your grill can fit your cooking space perfectly and be adjusted to your height. You can also specify the shape of the grill if you’d like.

And then, once your custom Santa Maria grill by JD Fabrication is built, the design will remain with the company so that no other manufacturer can recreate it. Hence, it will truly be a one-of-a-kind Santa Maria grill that only you own.

Custom Designs to Suit Your Budget

When you work with JD Fabrication on a unique design for your grill, you can also specify the cost you wish to pay. The result will be a custom quality-built Santa Maria grill based on your budget for an even greater appreciation of your product.

In the meantime, if you see a grill you like on a competitor’s site, the company promises that their grills are created with an even better design and at a good price. Your affordably-designed grill is also built to last longer than other manufacturers’ budget-friendly models. So there’s no need to look elsewhere

Tested for Function and Durability

Like all their Santa Maria Grills, their custom grills are also tested for durability to ensure the best design around. They are also made directly by the California-based company for in-house quality assurance. This also means they are made in the USA for those who like to show their patriotism.

Company Owned and Designed by Santa Maria Locals

JD Fabrication and its Santa Maria grills were born out of a native Santa Maria Valley spirit and a deep love of woodfire cooking. In fact, it is the founders’ fond memories of regularly enjoying the 1800s open-fire style of grilling with family and friends and the sense of togetherness it inspired that prompted them to seek to share the experience with others.

So, in 2010, JD Fabrication began as a small grill fabrication business operated from a local garage. However, with much support, it wasn’t long before the small establishment transitioned into a fully-equipped warehouse where their signature Santa Maria grills were designed using thick steel and stainless steel materials.

Meanwhile, the addition of top-notch machinery allowed them to continuously perfect their various designs until, eventually, giving way to the quality-built grills and custom grills they are known for today.

Built-in Tradition

Santa Maria-style BBQ originally involved digging large firepits in the ground. The pits were then filled with red oak wood to create an open flame. Slabs of meat were then placed over the pit using skewers to prevent it from directly touching the flame.

A custom Santa Maria grill by JD Fabrication is built using the same concept, except it features a deep firebox that allows you to safely and conveniently grill your foods over the open fire. It also features a steel grate, which replaces the need to use skewers when cooking foods directly over the flame.

Custom Santa Maria grills make it easy for everyone to enjoy Santa Maria-style BBQ. And when JD Fabrication builds them, you can rest assured they are manufactured in the true tradition for a greater appreciation. It also helps ensure it is built to last, so it can even be passed down as an heirloom to continue the tradition if you’d like.

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