Why Choose Enclosed Auto Transport

When considering car shipping, you have two options with most auto transport companies including open-air transport and enclosed shipping. Each has its own advantages and downsides.

Which you pick will depend on your car type, the distance the car will travel, and what you prefer to give you the greatest peace of mind. For an expensive investment or personal sentimental value, often enclosed transport is the better option for the most security and safety. 

The drivers are highly trained in safe, defensive driving, meaning the vehicles will be protected from being picked up until the auto is delivered. 

The cost is higher for enclosed transport, but the investment is sometimes worth the added price for the peace of mind of finding your car in the same condition on delivery as it left in. Learn tips for transporting your vehicle at https://www.carlogos.org/reviews/tips-for-transporting-your-car.html

A primary benefit is fewer cars in the enclosed carrier compared to the open transport. You can even have a single-car delivery if you want your car to be the only focus for the driver on what could be a cross-country trek, allowing for a faster, streamlined process.

What Are the Two Primary Choices for Auto Transport

As a customer of car shipping services, you have two choices for transport, whether open-air carrier or enclosed transport. Enclosed carriers come in two variations but are offered as the same service with car shipping services despite their differences.

The primary enclosed transport usually consists of rigid walls, a floor, a ceiling, and a door. These resemble moving freight or semi-trailer trucks with the material being a fiberglass shell, aluminum or tin. The vehicles being hauled are completely safe from the outdoor elements.

The second version of the enclosed trailer offers canvas soft sides pulled tight with the top, back and front being hard shells. The choice is also exception in protecting the autos hauled inside due to the potential for some dirt to find its way through the soft sides.

Considering The Open Air Trailer

Open car shopping or Open-air transport is the often-seen trailer with the cars fixed in place rolling down the interstates. The vehicles are exposed to the outside whether inclement weather, road debris or material floating through the environment.   

The method is a common, affordable choice among clients particularly car dealerships and manufacturers for new inventory. With multiple cars shipped at the same time, it can reduce a car’s overall cost.  

The car shipping choice is suitable for those transporting a shorter distance with no need to pay the added costs associated with enclosed shipping for extra protection.  

This option offers less protection compared to either enclosed shipping choice. The increased risk is due to exposure from the outside elements with increases in the potential for loss, theft, or damage. 

An overwhelming number of clients select open-air compared to enclosed transport due to the fact that it is an incredibly safe medium with rare instances of complaints or instances of physical damage.  

The suggestion is roughly “1 percent of open auto transports experience a complaint based on damage in transit, and even that number could be generous.”

Considering Enclosed Car Transport

Considering Enclosed Car Transport

Enclosed trailer transport is a shipping method where the car is fully protected by a closed-in trailer with no exposure to the outside, preventing damage, theft, vandalism, or loss. Visit here for guidance on how best to ship your car. 

The enclosed carrier is a preferred choice for individuals with a significant monetary or sentimental investment in a vehicle. These can be collectibles, antiques, or high-end autos.  

As a car owner, the wish is that the vehicle obtains the highest level of protection and be securely and safely transported to arrive in the same pristine condition as they left in. These carriers have the added benefit of drip pans to keep fluids from flowing onto the bottom-level autos. 

Generally, you’ll know if enclosed car transport is right for you if the auto, you’re transporting can’t be replaced due to either a significant monetary or sentimental value. That means the car needs to be protected to the greatest extent, with little opportunity for risk of damage, theft, loss, or vandalism.

Final Thought

When shipping a vehicle, car owners have the choice of either an enclosed auto transport or open-air transport. Both carriers have advantages and downsides with the enclosed carrier offering considerable security and safety for the vehicles it transports albeit at a higher price point.

Those using the method typically have autos that can’t be replaced either monetarily or sentimentally making the investment of a higher shipping cost worth it.

If you have a high-end car, a collectible or antique, or just really love your car and want it protected, the enclosed car transport is the best shipping method for your peace of mind.

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